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Beginners Spanish

Beginners Spanish Course in audio format only. If you start learnign Spanish, you must first and foremost make sure that you are pronouncing the Spanish words and Spanish phrases correctly.

Using the old fashioned way to learn languages, you are likely to develop a heavy accent, whilst when you take audio lessons, you train your voice and ears from start to speak the Spanish language like the natives and to recognize Spanish communication easily.

The three main points when learning any language are covered by the audio lessons in an elegant and integrative way:

Building Spanish Vocabulary

Learning Spanish vocabulary would seem to be simple, but it can also become very boring and you can lose interest.... Vocabulary lists and rote memorization is the traditional method that often fails because it's too hard.

With the audio learning method, new words are introduced in real world conversations and they are learned toghether with the new dialogues. So the old learning by rote method that makes students give up too early is not used at all when usiong the Pimsleur Spanish audio lessons.


Learning Spanish Grammar

In Spanish, like in any other language, grammar is the glue for the language that keeps everything together and allows it to make sense. The Spanish grammar is quite different from the English grammar. It can be frustrating for the beginner until the bits of the puzzle fall into place, and the Spanish student is able to integrate the grammatical rules into his own phrases. 

When you learn from Spanish audio classes, you get the grammar delivered informally, and immediately applied. So you learn from examples, rather than from theoretical rules. That develops a 'feeling' for the language that can not be replaced by an other method.


Understanding Spanish Conversation

Speaking Spanish is one thing, but understanding Spanish is quite another. Many beginners feel confused and frustrated when they meet a native Spanish speaker. It can simply be overwhelming, listening and trying to understand  different accents and rapid speech. From the traditional learning methods, students are only used to the careful slow speech of the classroom...

Starting off with real life conversations in the audio lessons and hearing different people speak is an other great advantage of the Pimsleur method.


Pimsleur Spanish Audio Lessons   Integrate All Aspects Of The Spanish Language Into Your Learning Experience:

Listen in to the audio sample of the fist Pimsleur Spanish 'Beginners Spanish' Lesson here. you should give this method a try before you develop a bad accent or lose interest because learning Spanish is too hard using the traditional (I prefer to call it the 'old') method.

Hear how easy this will be:


Pimsleur Spanish I Part 1
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By listening during only 30 minutes every day to this Beginners Spanish audio lesson, you will speak and understand Spanish in a few weeks from now! (Click on the image, and download the entire first 30 lessons)










Beginners Spanish



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What customers say about the Pimsleur SPANISH audios:


I like the Pimsleur system. I have used it with Traveler's Spanish, the Spanish I, and for French. I prefer the cassettes to the CDs becasue of they are easier back up so as to retrace areas. The concept of listen/repeat in your car on the way to work without alot of book-study at the lower levels is effective, easy, fun.  -- Stephen McHenry, Olney, MD, USA 


I have been using a number of recorded Spanish lessons to learn Spanish on my own, including the Foreign Service Institute course (Mastering Spanish, levels 1 and 2) and lessons from learningspanishlikecrazy.com. One of the best things about the Pimsleur's Spanish series is that it has more interactivity than the other courses I've used. There are many set up situations where you interact back and forth with a recorded speaker. I have found this to be very helpful in practicing for real live speakers. Mastering Spanish, for example, has a lot more single-sentence utterances you copy, but less back-and-forth. (I understand the new Platiquemos tries to correct for this problem.)

Another good point about Pimsleur is that it uses a repetition pattern developed by Dr. Pimsleur that has worked well in helping me memorize the material. They present a word or phrase several times, go on to other things, then go back to that recently-learned phrase again. A bit later, they hit it again. I find this to be very effective in helping me remember the material.  -- Gary Bisaga, Leesburg, VA, USA


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